A Call to Action: It’s Time to Walk Out on the DNC

UPDATE: The delegate organizers have informed us that the exact time and day of the walkout is TBD, and will not take place until all votes are tallied. All participating delegates will walk out as a group. Livestreamers, media, and a rally will greet you on the other side of the walls of the "free speech zone."

We know that we live inside a rigged system. Our futures are sold to the highest bidder through the manipulations of the hedge fund investors and investment banks who own the corporate politicians. 

We will not support a candidate of Wall Street, Wal-mart, and warmongering. If the DNC and superdelegates insist on choosing this corrupt, neoliberal candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, we will walk out of this rigged process and party. 

We will not allow our movement to die in Philadelphia. 

We call on all Bernie delegates to join us in continuing our political revolution by walking out after the roll call vote during the 2016 Democratic National Convention. This is your chance to make history with the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other until you are outside of the Convention and in front of the lens of live streamers and Occupy social media channels, ready to broadcast your words of commitment to democracy to millions of people across the United States and beyond.

We are at a turning point where we know the full picture of the brutality wrought by militarized policing and a private prison system into communities of color. A system from which the current presumptive nominee profited. Currently, the savings brought by a single-payer system would provide groceries to the tables of millions. Worker cooperatives would fundamentally transform the economy of the United States and the futures of millions of working people. Needed public transportation and infrastructure support would build a new way for people to travel without car ownership while providing new jobs for millions. 

Think there is no money to support this? There is plenty of money. Senator Sanders has it laid out in the following plan:

Find out more from  Bernie Sanders

Find out more from Bernie Sanders

C'mon, look at what else we fund:

We just witnessed another fraudulent election in which 130,000 people were mysteriously dropped from voter rolls, Ms. Clinton was awarded delegates based on miraculously fortunate coin tosses, and the interests of radical activists and rural communities in the United States overlapped. 

If you walk out of the Democratic National Convention after the roll call vote, in protest of a system in which open lawsuits regarding a very tight primary election are still open, you will be our modern day heroes.

We have a choice right now between more of the same and an honest political revolution. Which will you choose? Are you ready to walk as our heroes for democracy? Our revolution does not belong to the oligarchs.

Be a chapter in our people's history, do not settle as a footnote in theirs.

Walk out #DNCWalkOut

Download this as a PDF and distribute at the  #DemConvention

Download this as a PDF and distribute at the #DemConvention