Leaked Verizon Wireless Anti-Union Video Tells Workers to “Do Your Research”

Luckily we have Google where we found out that unionizing is a very a good thing.

Bosses tell workers, “Do your research.” Unfortunately they forgot that Google exists, and we found 36 reasons to thank unions: http://bit.ly/ThankAUnionFind out about why Verizon Wireless wants to squash workers: http://bit.ly/LeakedVerizonAntiUnion

Posted by Occupy Wall St. on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It’s entirely possible, as Verizon Wireless’s video suggests, that joining forces with your co-workers to tell the company “we deserve better” would be "disempowering". Maybe even less empowering than saying “unions are bad” in so many words in front of a camera. Wearing a uniform. On the clock. With your boss within earshot. 

Anyone who has the courage to take a stand at work would tell you otherwise.

In the wake of Gawker writers unionizing with the Writers Guild of America, sit in strikes at Walmart stores, and workers from fast food restaurants to adjuncts at universities to cleaners at airports to homecare workers all joining the Fight For 15 and a union movement, the picture is becoming clear.

We are all a part of the unrest on the rise against income and racial inequality. For many it’s starting in the workplace. 

Our prediction? The head honchos at the biggest corporations in the U.S. will soon be at a loss to discourage the people upon which their profits rely from banding together in revolt to demand better.

In fact, Verizon’s top executives made a quarter of a billion dollars in the past 5 or so years. Money that comes from a whole lot of other people’s hard work.

So instead of keeping their heads down while working at the will of a multi-billion dollar corporation, whose CEO gave himself a 16% raise to a whopping $18 million a year in compensation, we hope more and more Verizon Wireless employees won’t fall for stunts like these. 

And do their research.