As Trial Date Nears, Statements of Support for the #Flood11

On September 22, three thousand climate justice protesters poured into the financial district in Lower Manhattan and occupied Broadway at the intersection of Wall Street for several hours. This direct action came one day after the historic People’s Climate March and sought to underscore the central role of capitalism in causing climate crisis.

More than 100 people (and one polar bear) were arrested that day. Eleven of the defendants, including Indypendent executive editor John Tarleton, decided to contest their charges by mounting a necessity defense. The Flood Wall Street 11 will argue in court that the global emergency posed by climate change and the total failure of our political and economic systems to address it requires new forms of resistance from the 99% who have no say in the unfolding destruction of our planet.

The trial begins at 9:30 am at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse at 100 Centre Street in Room 502 on the 5th Floor. There will be a press conference across the street from the courthouse at 1 pm when the court adjourns for lunch.

Below are statements from some of the people who are supporting the Flood Wall Street 11.  For more, see this online petition calling on the trial judge to accept the necessity defense in this case.  

"By shining the spotlight on Wall Street's planet-cooking model of putting profit before all else, the activists who flooded New York's financial district were part of a critical new phase of the climate movement, one built on peaceful, focused and fierce resistance. Now, the #Flood11 are using their trial to amplify the message that when the rules of the game lead us straight to climate chaos, breaking those rules is both moral and urgent. Please support the #Flood11 by wearing blue at the courthouse on March 2-3, or in your own communities by taking up the fight." - Naomi Klein

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