Bad Politics

Written by: Diego Apaza - Land Defender

This idea that if we don't support Hillary then by default we support the Trumpacabra is ridiculous and completely misguided. It's bad politics.

I am seeing older institutions trying to guilt us by saying "look how hard we worked on getting people the right to vote and now you are throwing it away? How dare you."

I don't care, I'm not buying into this reactionary game. I don't think we should validate the presidential candidates at all right now. We should focus on local politics and prepare community safety nets in order not have to rely so much on decisions based on fear.

Yes, fascism is real. But so is our resistance and our ability to grow and embolden our concrete conditions. Just Look at how strong our movements have become.

Voting for or encouraging others to vote for Hillary will only give us a false sense of security. As people-powered movements, I feel that it will only make us weaker and rely more on something that we have very little control of at the moment. Down the line, this could change but we are not there yet.

If we decide to interact with the political machine then let us do it in an honest way understanding that it will not solve our problems and that democracy is a daily practice and not just a red or blue ticket every 4 years.

Come on people. We have much more empowering things to put our time and energy into.
Sure, enjoy the comedy while u can, just be careful with the side effects.