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For everyone else, we ask you today to support the media collective Unicorn Riot that includes OG #OWS media maker @uneditedmedia. Lorenzo Serna was one of a few, if not the only, live streamers who was live from inside the camp during the eviction at Zuccotti Park on November 15th, 2011.  His coverage of the eviction was mirrored by the BBC News, and Bloomberg News and had [45K viewers that night. Lorenzo worked at trainings prior to Occupy Wall Street and has worked hard as an activist his entire life.  You can watch a video of Lorenzo’s coverage from the November 2011 eviction here:

For the last two years, Lorenzo and his collective have organized Unicorn Riot. Since the collective publicly launched itself a little over a year ago, they have made quite a name for themselves. They have collective members in New York, Boston, Minneapolis and Denver, but Denver & Minneapolis are by far the most active radical media collectives in the United States.

Since Unicorn Riot had its public launch on April 17th, 2015 it has covered:

The Black Lives Matter Shutdown of the Mall of America:

The Police Slaying in Denver of Lakota man Paul Castaway, the #Justice4Jamar encampment in front of the 4th Precinct Station in Minneapolis, four white supremacists assaulting and shooting of five #Justice4Jamar protesters at 4th Precinct, the Denver Homeless Out Loud Resurrection Village Tiny Home Action, released a heavily redacted version of the Denver Police Crowd Control Manual on 1/19/16, released a leaked un-redacted version of the Denver Police Crowd Control Manual on 1/27/16, and revealed that the Denver PD is using NSA grade intelligence tools to spy on Activists in the Denver Area.

Please note that this list is just a sampling of the 227 videos that were released by Unicorn Riot since April 17th, 2016.  These videos have generated over 183,000 Vimeo views as well as over 2,000,000 Livestream viewers of their live stream events.  Their coverage of the #Justice4Jamar also earned Unicorn Riot a Servant Leader Award from the Black Law Students Association at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis for “providing an alternative form of media for underserved communities."


Unicorn Riot launched a modest effort to raise $6,000 dollars during their Spring Fundraising Drive.  This fundraising drive will end TODAY at midnight.  Unicorn Riot is a registered 501c NonProfit that is entirely run by volunteers.  Currently, there is a $500 matching grant, so any money you give right now will have double the effect. Unicorn Riot needs you to do the following to help preserve this invaluable independent media resource:

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