Unite to Face Addiction!

We know the war on drugs failed. And it cost us a trillion dollars.

As we pick up the pieces, there's a growing coalition called UNITE to Face Addiction that's amassing to bring this public health crisis out of the criminalized silence and into the forefront of American consciousness. Advocate, editor and filmmaker Michael Elliot helped put together this inspiring film to share with you in support of their massive October 4 rally:

Billed as The Day the Silence Ends, the 10.04.15 rally will feature inspirational speakers, elected officials, and even performers: Sheryl CrowSteven Tyler (of Loving Mary) and John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls will all perform! You can find more event details and logistical FAQ answers here.

This is a cause we're excited to get behind, because so many of us have faced addiction at one point in our life. In fact, the stats are painfully clear on this one. According to FacingAddiction.org:

While we fight for the better world we all know is possible, let's take care of each other and advocate that our tax dollars be used not to incarcerate the poorest and most disenfranchised among us. Instead, let's fund universal healthcare and alcohol/drug treatment programs that treat citizens like dignified patients, not prisoners. 

Keep fighting,

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