April 20th to April 22nd #NoworNever the Past, Present, and Future of #ClimateCrisis

Calling NYC Climate Activists!

Monday, April 20th began three days of action to demonstrate the solidarity, sanity, and vision that we need to unite and confront a climate poisoned by capitalism, kicking off a season of climate action.

This is a crucial year to move both the United States and New York City to meet the urgency of the climate crisis. These three days of action call attention to the past, present, and future of the climate crisis brought by capitalism to our neighborhoods and communities. 

It is now or never. 

If we fail to push our elected officials, co-workers, friends, and neighbors to act NOW on climate change, the consequences will be catastrophic.

April 20: Fossil fuels are history!
On the 5th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in which a BP deepwater oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and causing the largest oil spill in U.S. history, bleeding over 200 million gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, join us as we stand in solidarity with communities in the Gulf still suffering from that catastrophe. In the five years since the disaster, communities on the Gulf Coast have continued to suffer from the 87-day long spill. Meanwhile, BP has added several new rigs off the Gulf Coast and continues to make billions of dollars in profit. Rising Tide NYC stands in solidarity with Gulf South Rising—a regional movement led by frontline communities from Florida to Texas—and all the people of the gulf whose lives have been destroyed while fossil fuel CEOs keep getting richer

We are commemorating the lives lost and the devastation caused by BP fueling failure. BP lies and says it's over. It's not. Wear white clothing and join us at 8am at Sara Roosevelt Park for a funeral procession to mark the end of BP.

April 21: The time is now!
Governor Cuomo has a critical decision to make. On his table is the choice between building fracked gas infrastructure on the coast of Long Island, or a 100% renewable wind farm on the same spot. Let’s help him decide! Join us at his office in Manhattan, 633 3rd Avenue at 5:00 PM.

April 22: The future is ours!
Climate justice demands that workers, low income communities and communities of color who have disproportionately suffered under the old system be at the forefront of change. On Earth Day, join us as we build climate resilient jobs and stronger communities. On the release of PlaNYC (New York City’s official climate action plan), we will join the Climate Works For All coalition, a strong group of labor unions and environmental justice leaders, for a fun event highlighting the central role that climate workers will play in our City's efforts to address the current climate crisis. We stand in demonstrating that equity can be put into action by creating jobs and careers that uplift workers, low income communities and communities of color who are on the front lines of this crisis and its solutions. Join us at 5:30pm at City Hall for an evening of outreach and action

By coming together for these three days of action, we'll put corporations on notice that their climate crimes will not be forgotten, we'll remind our government that we will not accept inaction, and we'll show New York City that there are better, clear, viable alternatives for a livable, sustainable city and planet.

We haven’t forgotten the destruction. But we are ready to bid fossil fuels goodbye and start building a liveable, sustainable society for all. Join us!