Watch this space for a Facebook Live event and join us online, Saturday January 21st after the Women's March.


On day 1 of the new administration, join Jill Stein, Kshama Sawant, Chase Iron Eyes and Chris Hedges in Washington DC to discuss how the 99 percent can defeat the coming wave of right wing attacks from Trump.

Trump’s pro-billionaire agenda and plans to deport three million immigrants, undermine public sector unions, and attack healthcare are not just idle threats. Yet the neoliberal leaders of the Democratic Party cannot stop Trump now, anymore than during the election. How can we build powerful mass movements capable of decisively defeating the right and provide a real alternative for ordinary working people, immigrants, LGBTQ people and youth? Can the Democratic Party be reformed, or does the left need to build independently?

Please join us on January 21st at 5:30 pm, after the Women’s March on Washington, at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown DC. 

This event is part of Occupy Inauguration’s weekend of resistance, sponsored by the Green Party, Socialist Alternative, Occupy Wall Street, Movement for the 99%, and the Stein/Baraka campaign.

Space is limited, buy your ticket online now:

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