We speak in the language of the unheard.
Being poor is not a crime.
Demanding accountability and transparency is not a crime.
Being in a place where you think "I don't belong" is not a crime.
Justice denied is a crime.
Humanity denied is a crime.
Free speech zones are a crime.
Tear gas and rubber bullets is a crime.
Drones are a crime.
Militarized Yosemite Sam police rocking their riot gear is a crime.
Ferguson is a crime.
Trayvon Martin is a crime.
Michael Brown is a crime.
Ezell Ford is a crime.
John Crawford is a crime.
Eric Garner is a crime.
Marissa Alexander is a crime.
Renisha McBride is a crime.
Speculative derivatives is a crime.
Credit default swaps is a crime.
Privatizing water is a crime.
Foreclosing on people’s homes is a crime.
Wall Street is a crime.
Property before people is a crime.
Government and failed policies is a crime.
We are The Winstons.
We speak in the language of the unheard.
Don’t make us speak in a language you do not want to hear.
Hear us while we're calm because unheard people do things to be heard.
If you don't hear us now, you will hear us later.
Because it is true: No Justice No Peace.
If you know justice, you know peace.
You choose justice and we will choose peace.
If you don't choose justice, don't ask us for peace.
Its unfair, its immoral.
We want justice and we want it now.

Taken from "The Winstons" by Andrea Ciannavei